Sunday, June 29, 2008

Runners and Technology

Sometimes the only thing that gets out is technology. For another couple of hours yet, we're not going anywhere. We've got the Seafair Marathon going out our door and with the half marathoners still coming up the "last killer hill" just to the south of us and the marathoners coming up the hill just to the north, there's really nowhere to go.

But you can see the pictures. This is the top three elite runners just joining up with the half marathon runners.

And meanwhile, at City Hall, the Eastside Amateur Radio Support group is participating in Field Day, the annual event where ham radio operators practice using technology to get the word out any way they can when nothing else is working.

So -I'll walk down to City Hall in a bit. That will still work. And in the meantime, we'll tune out with some reggae designed to make the last mile a little more fun for the runners. At least it's a nice gradual downhill from here!

How will you get out?