Friday, August 29, 2008

iPod Mini Weirdness

I've been feeling like a person possessed lately, what with some of the projects I've been working on, trying to get caught up after my sister's visit to town, and getting (no-longer-quite-so) Small Person ready for school. But really, what's possessed at the moment is my iPod Mini.

I haven't the faintest clue what's up with it - all of a sudden it's on, making little clicking noises like someone is using it and trying to find a song or an album to play, and it won't even turn off anymore. Fortunately, I've got it plugged in so the battery won't drain completely but the most convenient spot for that puts it right near where I work at the computer, so I'm constantly hearing the clicking noises or noticing the backlight go on and off. Urg.

And no, it's not the alarm. Even if it was, I don't believe that would explain why I can't turn the darned thing off. So - when I feel like I have the time, I'll research the matter some more and hopefully will come up with some kind of workable solution. There is truth, though, to the notion that we often put off doing things until it becomes more painful to live with the problem than it is to address it. I am most definitely in that mode at the moment with the Mini.

If you have suggestions or just care to commiserate, feel free to comment.

What are you tolerating and what will it take for you to stop tolerating it?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hero

We're often asked about our heroes - sometimes by friends and family, sometimes for job interviews. My answer is nearly always that my hero is my grandfather, Joe Kimm (for whom I'm named). The true answer is too long to share here today, but here's a thumbnail sketch about why he's so important, and not just to me and our family...

Joe Kimm is an aviation pioneer who didn't take up skiing until very nearly 60 (and didn't give it up until his 90's), learned television repair after retirement and then taught himself about computers - including machine language - and still golfs today. In fact, he played in 95 degree heat just a few short days ago. His one concession is that he now uses a cart.

Sunday, we had a family celebration of his 97 years, the day before his birthday. The cutest photo of the day included Grandpa Joe (Grandy) and a various assortment of some of the younger grandchildren and as many great-grandchildren who could make it.

As for his actual birthday - he celebrated by delivering Meals on Wheels to senior citizens who are mostly all younger than he is and then had dinner with a couple of his daughters and their husbands.

Truly, he is my hero, today and always. Happy 97th, Grandy!

Who is your hero?