Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey, Don't I Know You?

Sometimes worlds collide - and I very nearly always find it an odd experience when it happens, even when it's partly expected. Catching up on an industry blog or two today, I was reminded rather abruptly that Dean Hachamovitch, whom I mostly know as Dean & Joan, is also Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of Internet Explorer. Oh, yeah, that Dean. Weird.

As to the whole IE 8 issue - Joel is right, there's no good answer, let alone an easy one. I will say one thing however - that is, from my experience and a complete Microsoft outsider who uses Firefox more often than IE right now, Dean is one of those scary smart guys you find every now and then. And I don't say that lightly; I'm not someone who is that easily intimidated in the smarts department.

So - forget popularity. Someone's bound to be ticked off by the time this thing is set loose - a whole bunch of someones, actually. Fortunately, I anticipate Dean can handle it. When he signs off on a decision that he thinks is best, though, I'm sure that at least there will be some logic behind it. Would that logic could be enough in this situation.

What is it that you already know?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Now that House Bill 2674 has been delivered to Governor Gregoire today, it feels a lot easier to think about spending more time on other projects. First on my list is updating my materials explaining the GRIP model of goal management in greater detail because so many people have been looking for more information on that as a smarter alternative to SMART goals.

If you've ever felt so consumed by a thing that you're just glad to be getting it behind you so that you can pay attention to something else for a while, you'll understand my relief at moving on.

Having spent the past 14 months working on this bill so that it really does apply just to counselors and not also to coaches or other kinds of services outside the bounds of mental health care, I am glad to see this process reaching a successful conclusion. That was a lot of letters, phone conversations, and hours of listening to public testimony and committee executive action! For one of the predecessor bills last session, I even delivered my own public testimony on behalf of coaches.

Now I can get back to Goals, Requirements, Issues and Plans as well as other topics of interest to geeks and geeky pursuits of interest to me. If there is something in particular that interests you or you think might interest me, feel free to comment!

What is ending for you - and what does that allow you to begin?