Friday, April 16, 2004

Time Travel Oddities

I've gone back in time.

At first I didn't notice. I was just randomly doing Google searches because it's something I do for fun once in a while. We won't talk about what members of my family think about that.

Anyway, I tried again to locate my pal, Rod Simons, having heard that he is, in fact, working with KSTP in Minnesota. Must be he's there part-time still because he doesn't show up in their list of Sports Reporters. What was strange, though (probably because I'm still figuring my way around this whole blogging thing, 'kay?) is that running a search on his name again resulted in finding my post. Actually, that wasn't the strange part; I sort of expected that. The strange part was it was my post as part of an RSS feed on someone else's blog. I've been quoted.

That's when I noticed the date of the other blog is 1999. The interesting technology that retroactively determined my recent posting was somehow related to something that someone else posted more than five years ago is Waypath, where apparently my blog ID is 262899. It takes a while to find that out. Must be that time travel still has some bugs to be worked out.

The interesting thing (bordering on cool where cool = interesting + useful... maybe it's there already and I just haven't figured out the "useful" part yet; I can be a bit slow sometimes) is that Waypath has various tools available for use, including one for inserting abstracts from related posts into your blog (apparently that's what Fierce Poet used) and a Buzz-o-meter that graphs the recent "buzz" on the topic(s) of your choice. Could make for a fun game anyway.

Makes me sort of wonder if we were to create some buzz out there, what it is we'd want to be...

Do you have thoughts or cool web tools to share? Send them to me at and we'll see where we go from there.

Fifty years from now, let's say there's a whole lotta buzz out there about you; what would you want it to say?