Thursday, March 04, 2004

Logically Creative

One of the great curiosities I find in geek work is that there is always someone trying to force fit it into something that is entirely logical or entirely creative. The truth of the matter is that it is, at its core, a blend of both so tightly interwoven that one really cannot fully exist without the other.

Even so, the technology world is full of technology managers that don't understand techies need time and space to be creative, that it's not work that can be spit out production-line-style according to their sense of how and when it should be done. All the while, many of the geeks themselves just want to play and have fun, not realizing that real and repeatable work also has to be part of the package if they're to continue receiving a paycheck.

Of course, some of the technology workers don't even realize that their work is as creative as it is. When everything is about knowledge and logic and credentials, the creative side is often shunted off to the margins and therein lies a real tragedy. When we fail to nurture creativity, we shut off access to that part of our brains, forcing ourselves to try to do our work only with the remaining half devoted to logical and linear thinking. Imagine how much more powerful our thinking would be if we were to fully harness both sides of our brains, the linear and the creative.

Are you left- or right-brain dominant? How do you compensate for that, or do you? As always, I'm interested in whatever thoughts I manage to provoke so send them to me at

Think of how much more we can accomplish using logical creativity.