Saturday, March 06, 2004

Linear Processing vs. Intuitive Processing

Speaking of left brain vs. right brain dominance, I found myself faced this past week with an outright favoritism toward linear processing vs. intuitive processing. Personally, I struggle with these arguments because I too find it tempting to draw more on logic than on 'gut feel' or 'instinct'. I am forever discounting thoughts and ideas that don't immediately make logical sense to me. And what I have discovered over the years is that, in doing so, I have inadvertently cut off one more important source of information. Not the sole source, not a more authoritative source, mind you... simply another source of information... another way of processing the data I am exposed to.

In the first place, each side of the brain does a better job at processing certain kinds of information, so if you allow that side to atrophy through disuse, you'll be limited in how well you can process certain kinds of information. The answer is to exercise both sides of your brain so that both sides can contribute effectively.

I find that taking a holistic approach need not be an excuse for poor logic. Only recognize that sometimes our brains are not processing information in a linear fashion and so a logical explanation in such cases may not yet exist. Yet. If the processing is accurate, the linear side will eventually catch up.

How do you tell the difference between valid instincts and wishful thinking? If you have some thoughts on the matter, let me know at

Keep searching for truths, in whatever form they can be had.