Thursday, May 07, 2009

Reasons to be on Twitter

I started to write up recommendations for how to make the most out of LinkedIn and other social media and then felt compelled first to start with Twitter - Twitter has had that effect on a lot of people the past several months. Every time I turn around, Twitter is causing us to rethink a lot of what we do and how we do it.

Let's just start though with a stab at answering the question - why should I be on Twitter? What can it do for me - especially what can it do for me that something else can't do as well or better?

Whether you're job hunting or building a business, consider the following advantages of Twitter. Many of them apply to other types of social media as well, so it's a two-fer that way.

  • Become known as a helpful resource
  • Develop relationships that may be or become mutually beneficial
  • Reach an audience you might not otherwise have
  • "Meet" people you might not otherwise meet
  • Lay the groundwork for future relationships
  • Keep up with your (personal or business) brand
    (what people are saying about you)
  • Keep up with your industry
    (what people are saying about the topics you care about)
  • Influence your brand perception
  • Educate and inform people in your area(s) of expertise
  • Let people know more about you as a person
    (increase your know/like/trust factor)
  • Build community around the topics important to you
  • Remind people you're there
I don't pretend to have a complete list of answers to those questions, but then no one else I've seen does either, which is why I felt so driven to put out a list of my own. Make a comment or tweet me @geekcoach and let me know if I've left anything out. I don't feel a need to have a lock on right but I do like finding 'right', however that happens.

Whether it's Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media, I have thoughts too about how to do it right and not put your digital foot into your online mouth. Some of those thoughts are likely to come out in an upcoming SHRM magazine article for which I was interviewed recently. I'll also write up something of my own to share with you here.

If you could choose anyone at all to discuss any topic - who and what would those be?