Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Save the Date

I received my fall course catalog in the mail today for the University of Washington Experimental College and guess what - my name is in it this time. The Experimental College is one of those interesting organizations that always has something cool to offer so I'm thrilled to be teaching Get a GRIP on Goals through 'ExCo'. I'm looking forward to bringing some great goal management techniques and tips to people who really want to figure out how to get things done in a way that helps them get more enjoyment out of life and work.

The ExCo folks are still busy spiffing up their new website (should be ready by 9/18) but in the meantime, the ASUW Experimental College fall catalog is available for perusal online. Plan on saving Friday evening, 10/17/08 from 6-9pm for Get a GRIP on Goals and be sure to register as soon as registration opens. Bring friends or come on your own - I promise it will be fun and informative!

How can you accomplish your goals when you don't even know what you want (or why you want it)?