Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Making Tracks Like Billy

Now I have proof that I'm a drill sergeant of a parent. My best guess at the distance for our little hike around Redondo Beach and environs was about 6 miles before I found MapMyRun.

Apparently I was a "little" off on the low side even before we met up with Tall Person at the swingset and continued back toward the Hermosa Beach pier (view in satellite or hybrid mode zoomed in a bit to see) before finally heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

No wonder Small Person and I were a bit worn out, though I have to say, he is growing up to be a real trooper and truly hardly complained at all. Although we saw lots of interesting boats with lots of interesting names, his favorite part was seeing the seals out in the middle of the harbor. Through all of our meanderings around the marina, though, we never got quite as close as we would have liked. Thankfully, dinner at Huntington Beach involved a lot less walking.

Oh - and the next day, we took in Disneyland - lots of hiking there too! And then a couple days later we also did a fair amount of walking throughout Joshua Tree National Park. This week, we're resting up from our vacation!

Where are you going - and why?