Monday, December 17, 2007

Seattle Startup Weekend

The folks at Almost Live! would be proud. First tests of the Startup Weekend - Seattle signup form have been less than perfect. I'm sure we'll get that worked out shortly. The important part is that we've got a date (January 25-27) and a location (Adobe), and we're on the move!

Now it's time to get the word out, find people who want to participate, get sponsors, and start pulling together all the elements needed to make this an awesome event. We're number 14 (or so I've been told) in the list of Startup Weekend events and we have quite a lot to live up to at this point. Since Seattle is definitely a hot technical community, I personally have pretty high expectations.

Even though it's nearer the end of January and we'll be starting to see a bit more light by then, don't let that distract you! Come join us. You'll have fun. You know you will. Even if it is in Fremont.

Oh, wait a minute... I used to live in Fremont... and that was back in the days when it was more hippies than wealthy people who work in the information industry. That's right... I remember now... I like Fremont.

I'm sure I'll like it even better in January. See you there!

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