Friday, May 20, 2005

Use What's Good

In all our twists and turns throughout our lives and our work, sometimes it takes going back to your roots to rediscover a branch worth nurturing again. Long before blogging was made easy and in fact, back when it was more common to write all your own html code in putting together a web page, I started writing what I called Kimm's Flying School. I was rather surprised at how popular it became but there you are - the mystique of aviation is a pull for a lot of people. I know I'm still drawn to it even if the manner of that draw has shifted over the years.

Anyway, the idea at the time was to come up with aviation-related truisms, tales, jokes, or general knowledge that could also be applied to everyday life. Hey, sounds a lot like the theme I still use today, doesn't it?

Back then, I did pull my punches a bit, not always spelling out for people how or why I thought whatever I'd written was applicable to anything besides a good laugh. I was afraid I'd sound too preachy. Okay, so I do sometimes even now seem to preach a bit. I hope you'll chalk it up to bad writing more than any kind of 'better than you' arrogance... of course, if it was the latter, I'd fit right in, wouldn't I?

Given that I do keep striving to find non-preachy ways to share my thoughts and learning and that others don't seem to be complaining too much about it, I'm learning to deal with the old concerns. I'm thinking now is a good time to bring back the KFS on occasion and see if it's still as interesting to people as it was 'back in the day'.

Send your favorite aviation jokes to me at and let me know if you want to be mentioned if I use one of them. My collection is pretty substantial by now & of course I can always use more!

What have you done in the past that brought you and others joy that warrants resurrecting?