Friday, May 21, 2004

Environmental Impact

That environment thing... have you thought about it?

My own experiences in this arena have been quite worthwhile. I learned early on that if I got into the habit of shooting the messenger, there would get to be a point where I would have no more messengers.

Instead, I made a concerted effort to make it safe to come talk to me. I insisted on no whining - be willing to participate in finding and implementing a solution and I'll be satisfied - but whatever the fallout was, it wasn't about hearing bad news because I was more interested in fixing the root problem. Leading is easier when you have information as opposed to no information... even when the news isn't good.

I also learned that little things make a difference, like how I dress (both in general and on particular occasions), how the room is arranged during meetings, and whether I smile when I see people in the halls.

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What would your environmental impact report say?