Monday, February 09, 2004

Navigating the Curves

So I had this great (I thought anyway) blog the other night that all started from having watched The Apprentice with Donald Trump. Then my computer crashed; who knows, maybe there's some correlation. Like lots of techies, I tend to run a bit on the edge so these things do happen from time to time and this time, I hadn't saved my interim work first. That'll teach me. Oh well. If I ever make the mistake of watching that show again, I'm sure I'll have a similar reaction next time too & I can take another stab at writing down the thoughts it evokes.

In the meantime, I think it's important to accept that life throws us curves from time to time. The direction I start in may not be the direction I end up taking. Sometimes a choice looks attractive just so the selected path can lead us to a new jumping-off point. I guess I don't actually know for sure that life works this way on purpose but I do find a pretty useful model to work with - certainly I've made choices that turned out to be important not because I followed them to their natural conclusions but because they led me to new choices I would not have had access to otherwise.

When I use this working model of life to its best advantage, I am constantly re-evaluating the choices before me. Do I still want to continue the path I'm on? Or have my travels taken me to some new vantage point where I can now see a new (and better) path I could not see before?

Where will today's choices lead you? What new vistas can you see today that were previously hidden from view?