Friday, March 28, 2003

Why Bother?

Doing the right thing can get very discouraging. Often, I find my effort has been wasted because I was shooting for the wrong target. Or I just didn't have what it took to accomplish my goal. All too frequently, not getting what I was after comes down to some other idiot (okay, maybe it just seems like the person is an idiot - you're not going to deprive me of my feeling of righteous indignation, are you?) blocking my efforts.

So sometimes I find I'm tilting at windmills, seemingly to no real avail. It's enough to make a person give up. What keeps me at it? My top ten:

10) Knowing it's the right thing
9) I'm too stubborn to give up
8) The occasional success
7) Finding new approaches to try
6) Learning something new about the issue
5) Finding a previously missing ingredient for the next go-round
4) Stubbornness (wait, I used that one already)
3) Knowing that people around me need an alternative to the current situation
2) Greater pain continuing down the wrong path

And the number one reason
1) Still knowing it's the right thing to do

Oh, and that righteous indignation? Totally justified much of the time but somehow I've never found a good use for it. Have you? Email me at and I'll respond here.